MLE Technologies is the trading name of Make Life Easier Ltd, a private limited company registered in the UK and governed by English law, Company number: 13097294


Why you can trust us to give accurate product reviews and suggestions to make life easier...

MLE Technologies is proud to have a highly expert product assessment and review team, spanning a very broad range of knowledge and technical expertise with engineering and commercial retail backgrounds.  Here are just a few of the career highlights and projects that our team have worked on...
  • Working with the largest fashion and retail brands to create gamification and phygital (physical-digital) shopper experiences in major stores across Europe.
  • Securing investment for the largest online property comparison websites / portals.
  • Product research and merchandising for large DIY and construction product companies. 
  • Best practice for well known financial service and car lease comprison sites. 
  • Head of product stategy for large digital FMCG agencies.
  • New product development in the Paris labs of Europe's largest cosmetics company.
  • Designing and installing systems used on the International Space Station.
  • Developing F1 racing cars. 
  • Biomechanics anaysis for development of equipment with the largest international sporting goods brands and research into preventing sporting injury with major league and national teams.
  • Research into the welfair of domestic animals and equine sports. 
  • Diagnosis and rehabilitation systems for treating children with Cerebral Palsy. 
  • Development of semiconductors and electronics systems for energy efficient applications.
  • Development of gamification for medical rehabilitation and retail experiences.
  • Development of systems to improve personal mobility and for stroke tele-rehabilitation.
  • Development of new non-destructive testing for critical systems in aerospace and automotive safety applications.
  • Development of devices for radiation-hard applications in the new generation of Fusion Power Reactors.
  • Research to define the features required in next generation mobile devices.
  • Advisor on energy and carbon efficient technology national programmes spanning wind, wave, solar, hydrogen and heat recovery.
  • Worked with the largest petro-chemical companies to progress the development of single-laminate food packaging (to enable recycling). 
  • Government innovation advisor specilising in intellectual property and socially beneficial technologies.
  • Ergonomy testing for ambulatory transfer, patient comfort and retail products.
  • Development of electric powered transport - including the world's fastest electric aeroplane.   
  • Lobbying the EU on energy efficiency for power supplies (CENELEC Standards).
  • Working for the largest industrial tech companies in USA, Japan and Europe to forecast future markets and lobby on the performance standards for energy efficient lighting and smart building technology.