Helpful Hints & Tips Using The MLE Website

Here are a few simple hints and tips to help you quickly get started using the MLE website.
(1 minute read).

1. Get inspired!

For ideas and inspiration, choose a lifestyle category or room/location. If you already have an idea what you're looking for you can select a product category from the menu.

You can also simply scroll down the homepage where top products from popular categories are featured.
Get started on the homepage

2. Get product ideas!

Quickly find and sort the best and most helpful products based on their MLE Gold-Star rating

Products are ordered by their Gold Star Rating - highest to lowest. You can use filters to refine your performance preferences such as environmental impact, value for money, ease-of-use, etc.

3. Get informed!

Dig deeper using the MLE Blue-Star ratings for fast product evaluation against a standard set of benchmark criteria

4. Compare

Use our comparison tools to shortlist and compare your favourite product ideas

5. Find deals and buy

Open a product listing and click "View Latest Deals" to be taken to one of our major affiliated sellers (e.g. Amazon) where you can purchase securely

The first deal we will show will be with a seller that has high customer saftifaction ratings. However, you can shop around to select whichever deal meets your needs.
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